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Instagram Image Size Guide: Best Practice 2018

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Instagram Image Size Guide Updated [2018]

Instagram image size guide for Social Media Managers, pro Instagram users & everyone else who has addiction for ,visually rich social media network, Instagram.

This blog post will walk you through all the answers to the question “What is best instagram image size or Instagram profile photo size or Instagram photo size?”.

“No More Crop” Instagram Update: Square, Portrait & Landscape Instagram Image Size Formats

Instagram Photo size

From August 27, 2015, Instagram  started support for portrait & landscape Instagram Image size format. Square format is still part of platform.

According to IG ” one in five photos or videos users upload aren’t in the Square format and it was big concern for users”. Intention behind update was to make community more user friendly.

Square format Instagram photo looks like this embedded photo


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Portrait format Instagram photo looks like this embedded photo


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Horizontal format Instagram photo looks like this embedded photo


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Instagram  Image size update going to eliminate following user experience related issues-

  • No more cut out of group snap
  • Video subjects over-shortening
  • Long Bridge & High-rise building’s photos w/o cut so now take shot from end to end in one frame and post on your Instagram profile

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Instagram Image Size Guide:

Instagram community,700 Million Instagramers, has grown faster than ever this year. Let’s find out what size of visual creativity it has in it’s box & what is perfect size for visual social media network.

Instagram Profile Photo Size: 110 x 110

Instagram profile photo Size 110X110

Being a visual content (Videos & Images) hub, website has guidelines for Instagram images  size. It’s important to follow guidelines of any community to get most of it. Make sure your profile image is clear & clean to get found by your family,friends and business clients.

Instagram Profile Image Size Guidelines:

  • Visible size on profile – 110 x 110 px
  • Aspects to maintain -1:1 &
  • Use Square photo for IG Profile

Instagram Photo Thumbnail Size: 161 x 161

Thumbnail Instagram Image Size 161 x 161

After landing on your IG profile, visitors will see a pattern of thumbnails. Thumbnails of your video & image posts. After clicking on these thumbnails they can get clear view ( square or horizontal or portrait format) your posts.

Thumbnails Guidelines:

  • Thumbnails visible parts size is 161 x 161 px
  • An Aspects ratio of 1:1

Instagram Image Size (After Open): 1080 x 1080

Instagram Image Size 1080 x 1080

After clicking on thumbnails, image size becomes wider and rest of screen become blurry.

Open Single Instagram Photo Size Guidelines:

  • Square Size: 1080 X 1080 px
  • Aspect ratio of 1:1

Instagram Image Size in Feed: 510 x 510

Instagram Image Size in Feed 510x510

When it comes to Instagram, IG Feed is best place to kill your visual & video content hunger. Image and video in feed take shape of square.

Instagram Feed Photo Guidelines:

  • Square photo of size 510 X 510 px
  • Aspect ratio 1:1

I hope you liked this Instagram image size guide and you gonna use it for better instagram marketing and uses.


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